EKT Team Members

Richard Smith

CEO and Co-Founder

Richard is known for his extensive knowledge and bringing partners, customers and EKT team members together.

With a passion for product innovation, manufacturing, commercial modelling and finding the right people to join the EKT team, Richard lives the EKT ethos believing that nothing is sacred in our business and that by challenging ourselves and our customers with new concepts and ideas we keep creating new opportunities for the entire industry.

Richard works out of the Hong Kong/Shenzhen office (when he is not travelling)

Andy Yuan

General Manager Co-Founder

With his background in set-top box design and manufacturing, Andy is the leader of the technology team.

From the beginning when he founded EKT together with Richard Smith, Andy has been driving technological innovation coupled with Tier 1 quality management.

Living outside of China for a number of years makes him a viable link in EKT's East meets West differentiator.

Andy works out of Shenzhen office.

Jill Mulder

VP Marketing

Jill is passionate about sharing the EKT story and bringing customer and partners together to create a winning partnership.

With extensive experience in marketing, product management and organisational management, Jill not only drives the front-end communication but also spends his time to bond the team worldwide.

Jill works from the Zwolle office in the Netherlands.

Marc Zielke

General Manager solidTV

Marc has the unique ability to combine his engineering skills with up to date mix of management skills. He worked consequently in advanced software environments as a developer, architect and project manager with several kinds of IT and software technologies to become a versatile software development process specialist – with claims on the highest software quality standards.

Marc leads the EKT advanced software team with passion and dedication using both his technical and economical skills.

Marc works from the German office in Rottweil.

Gerard Kim

Sales Director LATAM

Having lived in the region now for over 10 years, Gerard understands the intricacies and differences in the LATAM market place.

From his office in Florida, Gerard travels the region extensively and has started to master both Spanish and Portuguese.

Having worked in the set-top box business for over 15 years, Gerard is a valuable partner for any operator in the region.

Gerard works out of the LATAM office in Florida.

Valentin Perminov

Sales Manager CIS / Russia

Valentin is a bit of a product guru as well as a sales guru.

He combines this knowledge for the uniqueness of the Russian, CIS and Eastern Europe markets. With his 5 years experience Valentin has been a key asset and support for his larger and smaller customers and distributors.

Valentin works out of the Moscow office in Russia.

Paul Wen

VP Engineering

Paul is the "go to guy" when it comes to the EKT products.

Known for his rational approach to any issue and his seemingly endless knowledge in his field, Paul steers the teams to deliver on time without ever relinquishing on quality.

Paul works out of the Shenzhen office.

Andy Li

VP Operations

Being one of the first EKT team members, Andy made his lasting impact on EKT and its customers as a leading project manager.

Since 2015, Andy heads up the Operations division and ensures that what the commercial and technical team promise is delivered to the customers.

Working closely with a range of factories, material vendors and the EKT team, Andy is the centre of the EKT delivery system.

Andy works out of the Shenzhen office.