Trust us to be better!

Trust us to be better!

Our unique team does it better than the anyone else in the area of Set Top Boxes as well as ODM design.

Together with our partners, we offer a better service and create more value for all parties with a low environmental impact.

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A Wide Range of Solutions

Delivering a wide range of products, from Zappers to Advanced Hybrid Set Top Boxes, Operator TVs and Modems, EKT is one of the few business partners to offer a true one-stop solution for Operators. Certified and integrated with many CA, DRM and licenses, EKT is a partner of choice for many tier 1 operators around the world. Furthermore, EKT delivers ODM design services for consumer and professional electronics.

Zapper Set Top Box

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IPTV / Hybrid TV

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Stratos - your integration with the future of video delivery

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Solid TV Software

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ODM Design & Manufacturing

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Our Latest Products

EKT offers a full range of Set-Top Box solutions. From zapper to pure IP to Hybrid with any DVB.

DSG5519 DVB-S2X HEVC Gateway(128+256MB)

DSG5419 DVB-S2X HEVC STB with Quadrille & WiFi streaming (128MB+256MB)

A 1st generation, low cost, DVB-S2X, high performance, high definition,  MPEG-4 & HEVC gateway, supporting iDirect Dialog downstream and Broadpeak mABR with WiFi Access Point streaming to mobile devices. Learn more


4k/UHD-HDR Super Compact IPTV/OTT STB


Full HD HEVC Dual Tuner STB with ISDB-T or DVB-T2/C, and DVB-S2