STB Software Solutions that make a difference

Our range of STB products are backed by software alliances and solutions that help you enter the future of broadcasting.

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RDK supported by EKT

RDK is a fully modular, portable, and customizable open-source software solution that standardizes core functions used in video, broadband, and IoT devices. RDK is the software that helps run video, broadband, and IoT devices more efficiently by standardizing the software stacks that run on most TV set-top boxes, internet gateways, and IoT devices in the home. RDK accelerates the deployment of nextgen video products and services and simplifies the customization of the application and user interface. Wish to learn more about our stand on RDK? Feel free to contact us.

SKYflow Native IP over Satellite

EKT offers Native IP over Satellite solutions through SKYflow, enabling remote locations to become fully on board in broadcasting. Anytime, anywhere, without internet. SKYflow is a collaboration between leading companies ensuring best of bread solutions throughout the entire process of delivering IP over satellite. Feel free to contact us to learn more about SKYflow.


Stratos360 is a group of independent companies, introducing a new standard to make video content easy to deploy, linear, secure and on demand, operated in the cloud with an unequalled price/performance balance. A single point of contact, unified pricing, Software as a Service and fast delivery make Stratos360 a new standard in delivering video technology. A world where simple, affordable, SaaS based secure video content delivery from the cloud is the new standard. And Stratos360 is leading the way.

3rd Party Integrations

Through the porting layer various middleware parties have ported their solution on top of our STB middleware. This ensures a stable full functional STB solution available on various chipsets and hardware platforms.