May 19, 2022

SKYflow ecosystem revealed at DVB World 2022

BRUSSELS - 18MAy 2022

SKYflow, the Native IP over Satellite ecosystem that leverages multicast ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) technology, will be unveiled at DVB World 2022. SKYflow collaboration partners EasyBroadcast, EKT, ST Engineering iDirect and Quadrille are partnering with SES to fully demonstrate the Skyflow ecosystem at this year’s event.

The SKYflow offering brings OTT and satellite together to allow a rich video experience anytime, anywhere and on any device. This convergence brings the best of two worlds in terms of quality of experience, reach, cost, and scalability. MVPDs and telcos have the capability of reaching new mobile and fixed location subscriber bases with or without broadband connectivity, or they have the ability improve Quality of Service to those subscribers residing on congested networks. Leveraging the ultra-high reliability of satellite networks, content and service are delivered and cached at the edge, then propagated to the end user using multicast technologies. Additionally, the combined technologies of the SKYflow ecosystem can support Education markets and the need to reach more students globally, as well as deliver content on the move to serve the Mobility market.

In addition to the demonstration during the DVB World 2022, SKYflow is being fully deployed on SES’s Astra 1L (19.2°E) to allow for real life demonstrations throughout Europe. Bringing an industry standard to life in a working product makes SKYflow the default ecosystem for Native IP over satellite that is ready to be deployed now.

Be sure to meet with the different partners at DVB World unconference for more information on all SKYflow use cases. You can also find more information visiting