Jun 1, 2017

EKT appoints Marc Zielke as general manager for EKT Germany GmbH.

Hong Kong / Germany, Jun 1, 2017

EKT (Eagle Kingdom Technologies), a company specialised in the design and manufacturing of A-Grade Set Top Box solutions, modems and Smart TVs for Operators,  appoints Marc Zielke as the new General Manager for EKT Germany GmbH.

Richard Smith, CEO if EKT says: “Marc has the unique ability to combine his engineering skills with up to date mix of management skills. Exactly now when our customers are moving at lightning speed to a connected environment, we needed a young and up to date leader to bring the latest in software development to the EKT German office.” He continued to say: “Marc brings all those skills together and already has made a massive impact in our software deliveries and capabilities.”

Marc worked consequently in advanced software environments as a developer, architect and project manager with several kinds of IT and software technologies to become a versatile software development process specialist – with claims on the highest software quality standards.

Marc is knows for his passion and dedication using both his technical and economical skills.

Marc works from the German office in Furtwangen



About EKT:

Since 2007, Eagle Kingdom Technologies LTD (EKT) has specialised in creating innovative, customer focused solutions in the field of Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs and Modems. By combining Asian Know How and Western Management, EKT successfully blends DNA from both business practices exceeding customer expectation in design, technology, quality, communication and cost.

A global team of passionate professionals believe that nothing is sacred in our business and by challenging itself and its customers with new concepts and ideas the company keeps creating new opportunities for the entire industry.

Delivering a wide range of products, from Zappers to Advanced Hybrid Set Top Boxes, Operator TVs and Modems, EKT is one of the few business partners to offer a true one-stop solution for Operators. Certified and integrated with many CA, DRM and licenses, EKT is a partner of choice for many tier 1 operators around the world. Visit www.EKT-Digital.com for more information.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Jill Mulder – VP Marketing

Email: J.mulder@EKT-Digital.com


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