What we offer

EKT delivers innovative STB solutions, from advanced Hybrid and IPTV solution to cost effective zappers, across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Our focus is on “operator standards” of quality, unique “out-of-the-box” designs and cost effective solutions. EKT is your “East meets West” company, combining the best of our western management and company ethos, cutting edge hybrid “SolidTV” software from Europe, and the cost effective hardware designs, material sourcing and manufacturing from China.

With global coverage, EKT boasts over a 100 employees in southern China, plus an advanced software development and sales/marketing group of 30, based in Germany, the UK, Greece, Holland and India.

Delivering a wide range of solutions from cost effective HD Pay TV Zappers to Advanced Hybrid Pay TV solutions, EKT is one of the few business partners that offer a true one stop solution for any Operator. Certified and integrated with many Conditional access and DRM solutions, EKT is the partner of choice for tier 1 operators around the world.

Main differentiator

Using the Best of the East and the West, EKT combines quality, innovation and communication with flexibility, speed to market and cost effectiveness.

Whats new

Latest Product

DTD7015 T2 Hybrid Plug STB

Our vision

To be the partner of choice for Pay TV / broadband service providers and industry partners to deliver content to the viewers. To enable our customers to optimise the return on their investment by using the most innovative, yet cost conscious technical solutions.